Ancient Stones Background

Tours of the Ancient Sites of West Cornwall.

Guided tours of the prehistoric sites and monuments of the far west of Cornwall, lead by the author of the book ‘Ancient Stones of Kernow. Tours operate throughout the year for groups of up to eight people. Each tour is designed to visit a representative selection of monuments and settlements across the final five thousand years of prehistory in this area. They are personalized by the author, who is an experienced historical tour guide. All tours are illustrated with visual reconstructions of the monuments, and maps showing their position within this ancient landscape. With an atmospheric soundtrack commentary giving a background to the changing environment of prehistoric Cornwall.

Tours to Botallack and the 'Poldark' Locations.

Due to the interest generated by the popular BBC series 'Poldark' we have added the option of visiting Botallack in the heart of West Cornwall's World Heritage mining area, with the opportunity to view the mine locations used in the series and learn about the history of mining in Cornwall.(Click for a details).

The 'Ancient Stones of Kernow' Tours.

Two set tours are available, each of about five hours duration, they operate between 10.00 a.m. & 4.00 p.m. and cost from £20.00 per person. All tours involve short moorland walks over easy terrain and suitable all-weather clothing and footwear is highly recommended.


Tour One: A circular walking tour of approximately five miles over easy terrain visiting the sites of eight monuments and settlements at a cost £20.00 per person for a minimum party of 4 persons. A refreshment break maybe enjoyed at Lanyon Farm, where a light lunch can be purchased. (Click for a detailed itinerary).

Alternatively, have your own bespoke tour created for you. If you have a limited amount of time or would like to visit specific sites, a tour can be designed to meet your personal requirements. The mining tour option can be included in a tour of the area's most famous ancient sites. You can travel in the comfort of your own vehicle with your guide to direct you or pursue a clearly defined itinerary with easy to follow directions to deliver you to each stopping point. From there your guide will escort you on a tour of the site. Transport for all tours can be arranged. (Click for more details, terms and conditions).

For further information and the availability of all tours please ring 01736 797312 or e-mail

For details of tour prices and booking through this site. (Click for a details).