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The Book 'Ancient Stones of Kernow'.

The only overview of British prehistory to look out from the far west of Cornwall, which was one of the most important prehistoric centres of trade and industry in Western Europe. This fully illustrated volume has over 100 original pen and ink drawings and maps and gives an account of mans’ development in the changing environment of Britain from the end of the last ice age up until the arrival of the Roman legions. Along with this are discriptions and background details of the area's ancient monuments and directions to their locations. The book's focus is the rich prehistoric remains found within the idyllic moorland landscape of West Penwith in the far west of Cornwall. While introducing its reader to the culture and practises of the ancient people who first settled in this area and established an early trading economy through the exploitation of its natural resources.
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The objective of this book is to give as vivid a picture as possible of Britain and its people in ancient times, in an accessable way for the non-specialist reader. To achieve this, it will attempt to put flesh on the bare bones of the ever growing catalogue of archaeological facts and statistics that relate to the final 10,000 years of its prehistory.

We first look generally at the changing environment in Britain up until the time it became an island. Then follow a cross section of its prehistory viewed from the granite uplands of West Penwith in ‘The Far West’ of Cornwall. This is one of the finest surviving prehistoric landscapes in Britain today, with evidence of mans’ presence from the middle Palaeolithic well over fifty thousand years ago.

From within this landscape it will convey an impression of life with the people who laid the foundations of Britain as we know it today, and upon which so many others were to build. Indeed these are the people who established the communal agricultural society that has sustained this country for the last 6,000 years.

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