Ancient Stones Background

Tours to Botallack and Poldark Locations

Cornwall has been a major centre for the mining of minerals for many thousands of years, starting with production of polished stone axe heads from the axe factories of the neolithic. Then in the Bronze Age, due to the presents of both copper and tin, it became the first area in Britain to manufacture bronze. With its sources of gold, copper and paticularly tin it maintained its importants throughout prehistory, and on through history to the industrial revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. For this reason, from 2006, the area has been given 'World Heritage' status. The scenic beauty of the mines at Botallack, perched as they are on the rugged cliffs of the northcoast, have recently been used to great effect as locations in the popular television series Poldark.

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The Mines Tour at Botallack.

A visit to the mines at Botallack can be incoporated into a day tour, which would also visit the most iconic ancient monuments in the Lanyon area, or taken as a half day stand-alone tour. At Botallack, along with its stunning scenic beauty a number of mine buildings can be viewed including West Wheal Owles and the Crowns Mine, 'Wheal Leasure' and 'Grambler' from the BBC television series.

All tours involve short moorland walks over easy terrain and suitable all-weather clothing and footwear is highly recommended. Transport for these tours can be arranged and is complimentary. (Click for more details, terms and conditions).

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