Ancient Stones Background

Music to Accompany the 'Ancient Stones of Kernow' Project.

The musical excerpts you can listen to here are from the Cornish Soundscape ‘An Ancient Land’. It was composed by Martyn Jackson in 2006 as the seminal piece from which all the musical elements of the ‘Ancient Stones of Kernow’ project are derived. While it stands on its own as a concert piece for full orchestra, the musical material forms the background to the pre-historical commentary that accompanies the ’Ancient Stones of Kernow’ tours of the West Penwith landscape. It has also been expanded into a large scale dance theatre piece, the ballet ‘Ancient Stones of Kernow’



Tribal Dance

The Musical Realisation

The music for the 'Ancient Stones of Kernow project is a computer generated orchestral simulation. The scores are written in Sibelius score system and the generated "midi" is manipuled in Logic Pro X, using Vienna Symphonic Library and Kontakt orchestral sounds. There are three parts to the musical element of the project: The Cornish Soundscape which is the seminal piece, the background music for the three parts of tour commentaries and the two act ballet score.