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Prehistoric Cornwall, a Book, Tours, Artwork and Music.

Ancient Stones of Kernow bringing Cornwall’s prehistory to life for the 21st century. Discover the prehistoric past of the far west of Cornwall. Visit its mystical stone monuments and journey back six thousand years to encounter the people who first settled in this idyllic landscape. Travel with them through five millennia to learn of their religion, agriculture and long distant trade routes; as Cornwall became established as major centre of trade on western seaboard of prehistoric Europe. This ancient world is brought to life in the book ‘Ancient Stones of Kernow’ along with guided tours of the prehistoric sites, artwork and music.

View the Ancient Stone Monuments of West Cornwall.

A video slideshow introducing the ‘Ancient Stones of Kernow’, which is accompanied by the Overture music from the ‘Ancient Stones of Kernow’ ballet score.

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The Ancient Landscape of the Far West of Cornwall.

'The Far West' of Cornwall has the most complete prehistoric landscape in the British Isles. Within an area of a few square miles we find excellent example of ancient monuments and the remains of settlements constructed across the last five millennium of Britain's prehistory. We begin with the establishment of the first settled farming communities in the 'New Stone Age', and ends with the arrival of the Roman legions and the start of the written history of these islands.
Ancient Stones of Kernow's standard full-day tour visits monuments and settlements built across the whole of this vast expanse of time. We commence with the dolmens, known locally as quoits, built in the Neolithic, and finish at the settlements of courtyard houses that are unique to the 'Iron Age' in Cornwall.
We now also offer a selection of half-day tours which includes, for those interested in the history of mining, the option of a visit to Botallack in the heart of West Cornwall's World Heritage mining district, with an opportunity to view film locations from the BBC television series, Poldark.
Far West Map

A Map of 'The Far West'

Ancient Stones of Kernow Book Cover

'Ancient Stones of Kernow'

The book 'Ancient Stones of Kernow' is the only overview of Briton's prehistoric past viewed from the perspective of "The Far West" of Cornwall. Click on the book image for more information and to purchase or visit the Ancient Stones shop.

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